What is a Labiaplasty ?

A Labiaplasty, also known as labia reduction, is an aesthetic surgery for the genitalia, which involves reduction of the labia.It has been described that the average length of the labia minor (inner labia) of females between the ages of 18-50 to be 61 mm. However, longer lengths were recorded up to 100 mm. Patients request the surgery because their labia either hangs, or appears to be too long. Some patients complain of discomfort when wearing tight undergarments.


Who is a candidate for the Labiaplasty procedure ?

Most patients have the labiaplasty to reduce the length of the labia. If you have long or hanging vaginal lips or genetalia, you can benefit from a labia reduction. Some women have always been this way, whereas others develop the problem after childbirth or as they get older. Those with full fatty mons (vaginal lips) can safely undergo liposuction of that area.


Will everything look and feel normal after my procedure ?

Yes. The scars are very fine and hidden within natural skin creases. It is very difficult to spot them even up close. Sensation is improved since there are no flaps of extra skin in the way.


What type of anesthesia does the Labiaplasty require ?

I,Dr.Rahul Goyal perform this procedure under IV sedation with a Board Certified Anesthesiologist. My Surgical Facility is accredited and Medicare Certified. I do not recommend doing the procedure while you are awake. The procedure is out-patient and only takes 1-2 hours. During the procedure you will be in a light twilight sleep. After the procedure, you will wake up as soon as the IV is removed from your wrist. You should have little or no nausea following the procedure and patients go home within one hour after the procedure is finished.


What is the Labiaplasty recovery like ?

After Labiaplasty surgery there will be some discomfort and swelling. You can expect 80% of the swelling to subside by the end of the first week. The remaining swelling should be gone by 6 weeks. The post operative instructions after surgery include the following:

  • one week off of work
  • epson salt soaks daily for one week
  • no sexual intercourse for 4 weeks
  • return to normal activities at 4 weeks


If you live near Tricity you can go home right after the surgery. Out of town patients normally stay overnight in one of our recommended hotels and can drive home the next day. If you are traveling home by airplane, we recommend a two night stay so that you can more comfortably move around on the trip home.

In order to make sitting more comfortable, you will be given an inflatable donut cushion . Our office will also provide you with a sitz bath for therapeutic soaking in the immediate post operative period. You will have swelling in the first 3-4 days, and it will gradually disappear over the next couple of weeks. Most patients can resume sexual relations in 2-3 weeks.


Labiaplasty in Chandigarh

Many of our surgical patients come from out of town. Baltimore is only 30 miles from chandigarh airport and we are only 20 minutes from the Chandigarh train station. We would be happy to have youContact Us to discuss your individual needs with you and answer any questions you may have about labiaplasty.

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