Palate Syndactly Polydactly

Syndactyly is a hand deformity where two or more fingers (or toes) are fused together. (palate syndactly polydactly )Polydactyly is a condition where the hand (or foot) has additional fingers/toes (most often the little finger/toe). These two conditions are the most common hand and foot conditions seen by pediatric plastic surgeons. While some can be treated non surgically, most require surgical treatment.

Polydactyly ranges from an extra piece of soft tissue (skin) that has no bone inside to a complete duplication of a finger or toe.


Thumb duplication

There are different levels of duplication depending which bone in the thumb is split. The thumb may have 3 bones instead of two, this is called a triphalangeal thumb.


Duplication of index, middle or ring finger (central duplication)

Occasionally occurs with syndactyly (webbed/fused fingers).


Small finger duplication


Thumb polydactyly

  • Duplication of the middle bone of the thumb is the most common form (43%)
  • Extra bone in the thumb (triphalangeal thumb) is the next most common (20%)
  • Occurs in 1 in every 3000 births


Central duplication

Duplication more common in the ring finger, then the long finger, then the index finger (which is rarely duplicated) Central duplication often occurs on both hands and often occurs in conjunction with syndactyly Many patients have polydactyly or syndactyly involving the feet as well


Small finger duplication

  • Most common form of polydactyly, 8 times more common than the other types
  • Often happens on both hands


Thumb duplication

Central duplication

Small finger duplication

Surgical options exist for each type of polydactyly. A functional hand assessment by an occupational therapist, X-rays and consultation with a plastic surgeon Dr. Rahul Goyal is required to determine the best possible option for your child.


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