Pubic Liposuction

Hormonal changes, physiological aging, weight gain, and childbirth usually affects distribution of the Mons Pubis fat pad. As a result, the enlarged Mons Pubis can be aesthetically undesirable for some women. Many women are bothered by an increase in the fat pad of this area because it can be seen under tight clothing or a bathing suit. Smartlipo fat melting is an excellent method of meeting the aesthetic needs of our patients who are interested in improvement in this area.


While not all patients are suitable candidates for this procedure, a reduction in abdominal pelvic fat layer that extends from the lower abdomen to the Mons Pubis is possible by laser assisted lipolysis liposuction with Smartlipo .Results will vary from patient to patient, but most patients are happy to reduce the bulge in the lower abdominal/pelvic area


Dr.Rahul Goyal starts pubic liposuction through the use of local anesthesia to numb the spot but a patient may get a general anesthesia if they does not want to generally be conscious during the approach, although the local anesthesia can already suffice. After it’s ensured that the area is numb, the surgeon will make small incisions in the neighborhood. This will allow your ex to insert a small cannula to cut out the excess fats in the area. He or she might move the cannula slowly to the different incisions until enough levels of excess fats have been pulled from the mound. The entry to a small cannula will also allow the surgeon to work into the fibrous connective tissues that permeates the fatty tissues.


Then, a special garment will have to be used for about a calendar month or until the surgeon instructs to complete the task. This will allow typically the incisions to heal properly as it will protect it from the possibility of getting afflicted. It will also have various compression that will guidance relieve the pressure from your area to reduce this swelling. The special undergarment will likewise aid in keeping the newest shape of the pubic mound until it recovers from the surgery that’s done to it.

A patient may return to the normal activity after 7 days after the surgery but ahead of that the patient will be advised to try to move around as possible and do some mild walking. This will aid in the recovery process and healing in the wounds as the actions will stimulate the circulation belonging to the blood. However, it is forbidden to have sexual activity until following a month or longer to prevent causing trauma to the space.


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