“Excellent results and within my budget”
Nice treatment….fully satisfied with excellent results. The main is post treatment; I mean follow up with doc really amazing. Also within my budget. Everything is perfect & I’m happy with my choice among so many clinics. Dr.Goyal….awesome person and nice in nature. Always smiling and so his staff. He gives preference to his patient’s compulsions and requirements rather than his fees. Great job done doc sahib. I will definitely recommend to others…. no doubt at all.

- Parminder Singh -

“Exceptional Results”
It’s closing in on a year since I had my tummy-tuck with Dr. Rahul Goyal thank you for everything. The entire staff was wonderful, and Dr. Rahul himself was exceptional!!! I have highly recommended him to some of my friends that are thinking of the surgery themselves. I love my tummy more and more every day. I can’t stop looking at it, it is just perfect. You are truly gifted. Thank you again to you and your staff for making my experience such a wonderful one.

- Anita -

Thanks I am loving my new nose already, the black eyes are nearly gone and I feel great. Once again I was treated so well by all the staff and will be back in June or July for some Botox. Many thanks again for everything.

- Sheetal -

It was the best thing I ever did coming to the Clinic. I have come on really well, it´s unbelievable. I’m sorry I didn´t come years ago, but never too late.

- Rahul -

This was my second procedure with Dr.Rahul Goyal, the first took place when he first opened his practice about 5 years ago for a mole removal procedure – it was near my eyelid fold, so it required a skilled surgeon to hid/eliminate any scarring. Despite him having just started his own practice, I knew very quickly he was the right Doctor for this procedure, and I also decided that once I could afford it, he would be the one to do my breast aug. I had met with other doctors at that time, with much longer tenure in the practices, but none of them compared to Dr.Rahul Goyal
How did I know he was the one?
His warm demeanor and attentive listening/communication style
Extensive training background

He has an artist’s eye as evidenced by his love of photography.

For me, it was important to find a surgeon with not only technical expertise, but also an artist’s eye for beauty and symmetry. My husband has these two qualities so I’ve experienced the value of these rarely combined talents in my personal life!.

- Maria -

Dr. Rahul Goyal did my breast augmentation and double tummy tuck in 2007. He did an amazing job and my results are good as new. I also had to delay my procedures because I was anemic. He sent me for b12 injections to get my levels up. One month later he cleared me and did the work. My implants look natural and my tummy has stayed flat even when my weight went up and down. I highly recommend him.

- Tajinder -

Often, plastic surgeons really only care about doing the procedure and can be aggressive / pushy with their recommendations, but Dr. Rahul Goyal is much more reasonable and will give an honest and professional opinion about what will work, what is safe, and how to get optimal results. His results look very impressive, and he’s very meticulous and skilled, never rushed. On top of that, he does free lifetime follow up visits. When I asked complicated questions, he was very thoughtful and patient, and his answers showed he really understood the underlying physiology. He’s obviously very caring and will give his home number to patients to make sure they can reach him if needed. That is way above and beyond for a surgeon, and this isn’t even a concierge practice!

- Meenu -

After maintaining an 80 pound weight loss for over a year and a half I knew I was ready to take the next big step of removing the loose skin around my belly. I hate it! After researching numerous doctors, researching on the internet, talking to many friends, I found Dr. Rahul Goyal. Given his address, the celebrity clientele, and the overall high end feeling, I thought I would not be able to afford him. I was so very wrong. On all fronts. He was attentive, professional, comforting, and informative. He is a dream patient care person. He actually cares. I felt like he was not just giving me lip service but actual genuine feelings. Everyone I encountered was professional and kind and very caring. I had a million questions. Dr.Rahul Goyal gave me him cell phone number and let me text him back and forth and back and forth. Seriously, I thought he would tell me to stop. I am more than happy with my choice of Dr. Rahul Goyal.

- Charlene -

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